Managing the MPTS and annual reports

The MPTS is managed by the Interim Assistant Director, Lyndy Geddes, and her management team.

The team consists of:

  • the Head of Operations, MPTS
  • the Head of Tribunal Development
  • the Senior Legal Adviser
  • the Case Manager
  • the Project Manager and
  • the Communications Manager.

They are responsible for the day to day operational work of the organisation.

Approximately 85 staff work for the MPTS, at the MPTS office at St James’s Buildings, Manchester.

The Assistant Director, MPTS

The Assistant Director, MPTS takes day to day direction from the Chair of the MPTS in the operational management of the MPTS. She is also accountable to the Chief Operating Officer of the GMC for the efficient and effective use of resources.

Lyndy Geddes took up her post on 1 February 2017.

Annual reports  

The Medical Act requires the MPTS to report annually to Parliament on the nature and volume of cases referred to the MPTS, the exercise of the MPTS’s functions, including how it adheres to good practice in relation to equality and diversity, and any points of learning which the MPTS has identified and addressed.

MPTS Committee's report to GMC Council

The MPTS Committee provides a report to the GMC Council twice a year.

Previously, the MPTS Chair provided a report to the GMC Council twice a year.

Other reports

 Report of the Post-Implementation Review of the MPTS