Restoration to the medical register

Doctors who have been erased from the medical register at a medical practitioners tribunal hearing can apply to be restored to it. This page explains the procedures for how they can do this.

If you have been erased for any other reason - for example you forgot to pay your retention fee - you should follow the guidance on the GMC’s website on applying for restoration to the register.

Applying for restoration to the register following erasure by a medical practitioners tribunal

If you are considering applying for restoration to the register it may be helpful to know the following.

  • You can only apply for restoration to the register five years or more after the date of your erasure by a medical practitioners tribunal.
  • Your application for restoration will be heard by a medical practitioners tribunal, which will consider whether you can be restored with unrestricted practise.
  • There is no automatic right to restoration. You will have to demonstrate to the tribunal that:
    • you have insight and have dealt with all the issues that led to your erasure
    • you have kept your medical knowledge and skills up to date, and
    • it is safe to restore you to the register with unrestricted practice. 
  • The tribunal cannot impose conditions or restrict your practice in any way. You may, however, be asked to work in an approved practice setting (GMC website) for 12 months.
  • The tribunal may ask for a performance, health or English language assessment before considering your application. If a performance assessment is needed you will have to pay the full cost, but you won’t have to pay for a health assessment. The English Language assessment is the academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. You will need to pay the test centre upfront for the cost of the test; however you will be reimbursed on receipt of proof of payment.

For further information see the following GMC guidance documents:


Further information on the following legislation can be viewed on the GMC's website.