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Request a hearing transcript 

To fulfil our commitment to processing personal data in line with data protection legislation, we retain recordings of hearings (which are used to produce transcripts) for seven years. At this point recordings are permanently deleted.

Dependent on the dates when the hearing took place, we may be unable to fulfil your request for a transcript.


Please only complete the form which best describes your relationship, if any, to the hearing. The four options are:


You're the doctor or the General Medical Council (or their representatives).

Party transcript request form


Your relationship to the hearing can be described in one or more of the following ways:

Data subject:

Your personal experience forms all or part of the allegations against the doctor. For example, you, your relative or even the doctor’s employer referred concerns about the standard of care the doctor gave you.


You referred concerns about the doctor to the GMC. Following an investigation, the GMC informed you personally about the doctor’s hearing.


You gave evidence at the doctor’s hearing.

Personal transcript request form

A group talking at a tribunal


The organisation you represent referred concerns about the doctor to the GMC and / or requires detailed knowledge of the hearing to discharge its own functions.

Organisation transcript request form


You are a member of the public with no relationship to the hearing.

Public transcript request form