Help for witnesses

This page provides links to information for people who are called as witnesses to give evidence at a medical practitioners tribunal.

The role of a witness at a hearing is crucial in giving a medical practitioners tribunal a first-hand account of what has happened so that they can make a decision about a case.

We understand that the process can be intimidating, so we have developed this booklet to help explain what will happen on the day:

MPTS Help for witnesses booklet (pdf)

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) runs all medical practitioners tribunals and interim orders tribunals for doctors registered in the UK. Our decisions are independent and separate from the General Medical Council’s (GMC)
investigatory role.

Our tribunals make decisions about a doctor’s fitness to practise, measured against the professional standards set by the GMC. We have powers to remove or restrict a doctor’s practice, where necessary, to protect the public.

There is also a GMC guide for witnesses on their website, located within the Concerns about doctors tab.

Alternative formats and further information

If you need Help for witnesses in an alternative format please email or call 0161 923 6263.

If you are a GMC witness and:

  • you would like to receive the guide for witnesses in another format, or
  • if you require information in another language, or an interpreter, or
  • if you have any other special needs

please ask your GMC contact. They can also make sure that the MPTS will do its best to address your needs.