Join the hearing

The hearing invite

The day before the hearing, we will send an email to you and any witnesses with the link to join the hearing. When you click on the link, you join a virtual lobby before we admit you into the hearing.

Make sure MPTS emails are marked as ‘not spam’. If you’ve not received an expected invite by 4pm the day before the hearing, check your ‘spam’ folder first. If you’ve still not received it, please contact us.

Only those individuals that have been sent the hearing link will be admitted to the hearing.

MPTS support

There will be several MPTS staff present during the hearing. They won’t be on video but will be available through audio.

They will make sure the correct participants are present and participating during the hearing and support the tribunal with the administration of the hearing.

Join the virtual hearing

5 minutes before the hearing is due to start, click the link in the invite you have received.

When asked to sign in, select Join as a guest and enter your name and which party you are appearing for, eg Joe Bloggs (Doctor) and then select Join meeting.

Your witnesses should sign in using the naming convention that you gave them. This is likely to be their preferred pronoun and their anonymised letter, eg Ms A.

The witness shouldn’t enter their name unless this has been agreed with us in advance as their name will be available to all participants. This may result in their identity being compromised.

Switch your video and audio on before joining the hearing. You are placed in a virtual lobby before we admit you and will see the message Someone in the meeting room should let you in soon.

We are unable to communicate with you through the virtual hearing while you are waiting in the lobby but if there are any delays to proceedings commencing, we will contact you.

You will be joined to the hearing when the tribunal is ready.

If you have not been added to the hearing more than 10 minutes after the expected time, please contact us.