Recording and transcription

The hearing is recorded and transcribed. Only MPTS staff will start and stop the recording and transcription. A banner may appear to let you know when they have started stating Someone started recording or Someone started transcribing.

The recording and transcription will be stopped during breaks and while the tribunal are in private discussions.

You may notice that the recording and transcription appear in the chat box – it is only an image and you will not be able to access these. Only MPTS staff should access the recording and transcription.

Once the hearing has concluded if you need a record of proceedings, see our guidance on transcripts.

Only the official recording is permitted. The audio/visual recording, re-use, re-editing or redistribution of the hearing in any form is not permitted at any time. You must not take any action which may affect the security or integrity of the platform that the hearing is hosted on. No screen sharing will be permitted. No links or documents should be inserted into the chat box.

Any breach of these requirements may lead to your exclusion from this hearing and, in some circumstances, could result in legal action being taken against you.