The hearing environment

Make sure that you and you witnesses are in a suitable environment for the hearing. For example:

  • Your room is quiet, private and secure. Headphones may help to block out background noise, be aware that the room you are using will be visible to the tribunal and others participating in the hearing
  • Your background is neutral to avoid any distractions or offence to others in the hearing. You can blur your background in the hearing (this is not available on Android devices or joining through a browser). Select More options and either select Start video with blur or Blur my background if your video is already on.
  • You have good lighting.


  • The same professional standards are expected as those you would follow at the hearing centre.
  • Your camera should be switched on when you are giving evidence or making submissions.
  • Remain on mute if you are not speaking.
  • Avoid speaking at the same time as others.
  • Say your name and role before you speak.
  • You should be free from interruptions including phones, doorbells etc.
  • You should have enough time to join the hearing to allow time for set up.
  • If you need a break, please ‘ask for a break’ in the chat box or select the raise your hand button.
  • You should be able to view any documents you may need to during the hearing; a second device can be useful - one for the virtual hearing and one for reading the papers, you can however reduce the viewing sizes to fit both on one device.