Hearing information for drs - Large Guide

Other hearing information

Hearing timetable

The chair of the tribunal is responsible for the timetable, but the day will usually start at 9:30am and will finish around 5pm. There is a lunch break of about an hour, usually sometime between 12pm and 2pm, and a 15 minute break mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

If you need a break for whatever reason at any time in connection with the case – for example, to write up your arguments – please ask for permission from the chair of the tribunal.


If the hearing lasts for more than one day, it will adjourn at the end of each day and start again in the morning. The tribunal may also adjourn for a longer period to collect additional evidence, such as health or performance reports, or because the case will overrun the days allotted to it.

During any break or adjournment, when you are giving evidence to the tribunal, you remain under oath or bound by your affirmation. Therefore, you must not talk to anyone about your case or your evidence, including your representative and other witnesses.