Support for doctors at hearings

We understand that for any doctor appearing before a tribunal, the process can be daunting.

Our Doctor Contact Service is available to any doctor on the day of a hearing, and is particularly aimed at those attending alone or without legal representation.

About the Doctor Contact Service

A member of MPTS staff unconnected to your case can be available for you to talk to on the day of your hearing.

Our aim is to:

  • Help lessen the isolation and stress that you might encounter
  • Signpost useful support material and services
  • Provide information about the hearing process.

Our staff cannot discuss the details of a case or provide legal advice. All conversations will be treated in confidence. Information will only be disclosed if there are concerns for the protection of yourself or others.

If you have a hearing scheduled at the MPTS, you can email the Doctor Contact Service team to find out more about how they can assist.

Telephone support

The MPTS provides a telephone information service for doctors whose cases have been referred for a hearing. It is run by student volunteers from the BPP Law School and the University of Law.

The British Medical Association's Doctor Support Service is available to any doctor subject to a GMC investigation or MPTS hearing.

Doctors without legal representation

If you're a doctor who has chosen to represent yourself at a hearing, the MPTS provides a range of material to help you.

Our information for self-represented doctors is available online to help you understand what to expect, how to prepare and to support you on the day.