We are the tribunal service for doctors in the UK

We run hearings, which make independent decisions about whether doctors are fit to practise medicine.

Latest decisions and hearings

Recent medical practitioners tribunal decisions
Hearing end date Doctor's name Status
21 Feb 2020 Dr Giulio GARAFFA Hearing concluded
21 Feb 2020 Dr Marco CAPECE Hearing concluded
21 Feb 2020 Dr Rebecca May KLEIN Hearing concluded
20 Feb 2020 Dr Andrew SADLER Decision published
19 Feb 2020 Dr Carmel Frances MARTIN Hearing concluded
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Current and upcoming medical practitioners tribunal hearings
Hearing start date Doctor's name Status
28 Feb 2020 Dr Attila Lajos CZIPP Hearing scheduled
02 Mar 2020 Dr Yordan Angelov RAEV Hearing scheduled
03 Mar 2020 Dr Richard MACCALLUM Hearing scheduled
03 Mar 2020 Dr Shoaib AHMAD Hearing scheduled
09 Mar 2020 Dr Baljinder UBHI Hearing scheduled
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These are our latest medical practitioner tribunal hearings and decisions. We also run interim order tribunals and you can view all interim order outcomes