Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our hearings are continuing to run virtually with a small number in person. 

We are the tribunal service for doctors in the UK

We run hearings, which make independent decisions about whether doctors are fit to practise medicine.

Our role

Latest decisions and hearings

Recent medical practitioners tribunal decisions
Hearing end date Doctor's name Status
04 Mar 2021 Dr Fiona DAVIDSON Hearing concluded
03 Mar 2021 Dr Ngozi EZI Hearing concluded
02 Mar 2021 Dr Anjali CHAR Hearing concluded
02 Mar 2021 Dr Mansur BUTT Hearing concluded
01 Mar 2021 Dr Amir MIR Hearing concluded
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Current and upcoming medical practitioners tribunal hearings
Hearing start date Doctor's name Status
08 Mar 2021 Dr Peter JISKOOT Hearing scheduled
08 Mar 2021 Dr Mahesh Kumar DODDI Hearing scheduled
11 Mar 2021 Dr Agnieszka DZWONEK Hearing scheduled
15 Mar 2021 Dr Alexander WOOTTON Hearing scheduled
15 Mar 2021 Dr Damian DUFFY Hearing scheduled
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