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Doctor contact service

What is the doctor contact service?

Attending a hearing can be a stressful time – so we offer a friendly, confidential support service for doctors. The aim is to help lessen the isolation and stress you might encounter, signpost useful support material and services and provide information about the hearing process.

We are here to: 

  • Provide wellbeing support if you are anxious about your hearing.
  • Guide you to other sources of support.
  • Signpost you to useful support material.
  • Clarify the hearing process. 

Accessing the service

The MPTS doctor contact service is available to any doctor but is particularly aimed at self-representing doctors.

A member of MPTS staff unconnected to your case, will be available to talk to, by phone or Microsoft Teams, prior to or on the day of the hearing. To access the service please call or email us at:

Telephone: 0161 240 7178

Email: doctorcontactservice@mpts-uk.org

Provide your name, contact number and a date and time between 10am to 4pm (Monday-Friday) when you're available to receive a call back. 

We are unable to discuss your case or provide legal advice. All conversations are treated in confidence.

We want to ensure that the doctor contact service is accessible and easy to use. Please let us know if you need us to make any adjustments to our service by contacting us at the above email address.


Words from some of the people who've used our service

'Calm attitude, reassuring and empathetic, alleviated anxiety and explained process of interim orders tribunal. Very helpful and kind'

'Most important and helpful was advice on what to do the next day, after the hearing is over. Extremely helpful'

'Arrival, making aware of how system works, making one updated about timings, post-verdict explanation and follow up plan'

'Genuine interest in wellbeing, advice on stress management and support. Excellent support service'

'Clarification of the procedure, explanation of the overall process, and conditions which may be applied'