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Refurbishing our hearing centre

The MPTS hearing centre has been given a facelift to enhance the experience of those attending a hearing.

Our reception, waiting areas and doctors’ rooms have all been refurbished to create a more welcoming environment for those coming through our doors.

Among the changes, the 7th-floor reception has been relocated to make an open and airy entrance to the hearing centre with sofas, tables and refreshments for visitors.

A MPTS support member has come to collect a witness from the waiting room

Nearby a dedicated witness room has been created for those giving evidence at hearings. Here witnesses can take a break, catch up on work or read in comfortable surroundings.

Doctors attending an MPTS hearing are all allocated their own private room to use for the duration of their hearing. All doctors’ rooms have been moved to the edge of the building to ensure they have natural light, making the most of our view across Manchester.  

We recognise that attending a hearing can be stressful, so we wanted to reduce the stress for all involved, by providing more relaxed spaces for people to use during their time with us.