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Observe a hearing 

MPTS hearings are crucial in ensuring the protection of the public. Tribunals have to make difficult and important decisions, which are fair, proportionate and consistent.

It’s important that all participants are treated with sensitivity and respect and that proceedings remain dignified throughout. It’s particularly important that observers behave appropriately.

We collect the information below to ensure we can maintain the integrity of the hearing. If you wish to observe a virtual hearing remotely, we will ask for proof of your name and UK address, and for your express agreement with our terms of access. Requests should be made at least 48 hours before the start of the hearing you wish to observe. 

In the unlikely event that the virtual hearing becomes compromised in any way by you, we may use your name and address to take legal action against you. Your details will be retained for 12 months after the hearing concludes. 

Journalists should email pressoffice@mpts-uk.org. You do not need to complete this form.

A list of upcoming hearings is available on the Medical practitioners hearings and decisions page.

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