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Where are hearings held?

Our hearing centre is on the 7th floor of St James’s Buildings on Oxford Street, Manchester.

When you arrive

Aim to arrive at least half an hour before you are due to give evidence.

You should come to our reception on the 7th floor, where we'll ask you to sign in and give you a visitor’s pass. From there, we'll show you to a waiting area.

If you're worried about meeting anyone involved in the case when you arrive, it may be possible for someone to meet you and show you to a private waiting room. You should let us know at the earliest opportunity if you have any such concerns.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that you will not meet other people involved in the case.

If you have been asked to give evidence by the GMC, a member of their legal team will come and introduce themselves once you have been shown to the waiting area.

If you have been asked to give evidence by the doctor, we will let them or their representatives know once you have arrived.  

Waiting to give evidence

You can wait until the tribunal calls for you to give evidence in one of our waiting rooms. You can't go into the hearing beforehand.

We have public waiting areas as well as waiting areas just for witnesses. You can wait where you feel most comfortable. But please make sure a member of staff knows where you are.

While you're waiting, please don't discuss the case or your evidence with anyone.  This could affect the outcome of the hearing.

We try to deal with cases as quickly as possible. But sometimes hearings can overrun, so you might have to wait some time before you give your evidence. A member of staff will update you on the timings of the case where possible. 

If you can't give evidence on the allotted day because of a delay or change in circumstance, you will be asked to return on another day.

Questions about the hearing 

If you have questions about the hearing, please speak to a member of our staff or the legal representative (for the GMC or doctor) you’ve been called by. 

Facilities available to you


All waiting areas have tea, coffee and water facilities. The public waiting area on the 7th floor has a vending machine.

Multifaith room 

Our multifaith room is a welcoming and accessible space for people of all faiths and traditions. We also have washing facilities, which you’re welcome to use to perform ablutions in preparation for prayer.

Local amenities 

There are several cafes, restaurants and shops within a few minutes of our hearing centre. Please tell the appropriate legal representative or a staff member if you leave the hearing centre. You may like to leave a phone number in case we need to get hold of you if you have left the building