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Reports and management


The Medical Act requires us to report annually to Parliament on the nature and volume of cases referred to us. We also report on the exercise of our functions.

This includes how we adhere to good practice in equality and diversity, and any points of learning that we identify and address.

Reports to Parliament and GMC council

Report to Parliament 2022
Report to Parliament 2021
Report to Parliament 2020
Report to Parliament 2019
Report to Parliament 2018
Report to Parliament 2017
Report to Parliament 2016


June 2018 Report of the MPTS Committee
December 2017 Report of the MPTS Committee

You find older reports in the Reports and papers archive.


We're managed day-to-day by our Executive Manager, Gavin Brown. He takes direction from the Chair for our operational management. Gavin is accountable to GMC's Director of Resources for the effective use of resources.

Gavin took up his post in September 2017.

The GMC and MPTS Liaison Group

The purpose of the GMC and MPTS Liaison Group is to establish an effective working relationship between ourselves and the GMC. It supports the delivery of our hearing service and makes sure working arrangements operate effectively. Find out about the role of the GMC and MPTS Liaison Group