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Tribunal members

Tribunals considering cases are made up of three tribunal members. At least one of the tribunal must be medically qualified and at least one must be a lay member. A lay member is someone that has never held a medical qualification. In most cases the chair will be legally qualified.

We appraise our tribunal members through 360 degree feedback and direct observation. We have a large pool of tribunal members (around 300). View the current tribunal members and their interests.

Become a tribunal member

We appoint at different times for medically qualified or lay tribunal members, or for legally qualified individuals.

You can register your interest for future tribunal member appointments by emailing tribunalappointment@mpts-uk.org

We appoint tribunal members through open competition against agreed competencies. We'll ask you to complete an online application form. If you're successful at the first stage, we'll invite you to attend an interview and assessment. Visit our appointments site.