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Legal proceedings

  • We recognise registrants’ right to use the Welsh language during the hearing process.
  • In accordance with the standards, when we contact a registrant for the first time in relation to legal proceedings, we will actively offer to facilitate their language preference in correspondence relating to their hearing. 
  • We will also provide copies of forms and documents we produce in relation to their legal proceedings in Welsh on request. We will not treat the production of these forms or documents less favourably than those we produce in English. We will also not treat any forms or documents related to their hearing submitted by a registrant in Welsh less favourably than those submitted in English. 
  • In our initial contact with registrants, we will actively offer to facilitate language preferences during legal proceedings, for example by making sure that simultaneous translation from Welsh to English is available during a registrant’s oral submissions or evidence. 
  • Information on how the General Medical Council complies with the standards can be found on the Welsh Language Standards web page of the GMC website.