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What areas of our work are covered by the standards?

The standards relevant to our work are listed in the compliance notice issued by the Welsh Language Commissioner. They include service delivery standards, policy making standards, operational standards and record keeping standards.

In accordance with the definitions included within the Regulations, most of the standards our work is subject to are aimed at ‘individuals’ – a member of the public ordinarily resident in Wales acting in their personal capacity, excluding individuals acting in their capacity as registrants. In applying the standards to our work, we understand ‘individuals’ to include members of the public.  

Some standards are aimed at different audiences which are defined in relation to our work below:

  • Person: Catch-all group including members of the public and doctors.
  • Registrants: a person ordinarily resident in Wales registered with us.
  • Members of staff: an MPTS employee or a natural person working for us, excluding tribunal members. 

The standards apply to the following areas of our work:

  • Sending and responding to correspondence
  • Answering telephone calls 
  • Publicity, advertising and display materials
  • Our website and social media
  • Forms and documents 
  • Legal proceedings relating to the MPTS 
  • Operational decisions 
  • Record keeping and managing complaints.