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Our commitments as an employer

  • As part of the GMC, when recruiting staff, the MPTS, will consider whether Welsh language skills are essential, desirable, need to be learnt, or not necessary for any new or vacant post. 
  • We will advertise in Welsh any new or vacant roles where Welsh language skills are essential, desirable, or need to be learnt. 
  • Where relevant, we will welcome job applications in Welsh, and provide candidates with the option for their interview and/or assessment to be held in Welsh, providing simultaneous translation from Welsh to English if necessary. 

Supporting our staff 

To help us comply with the new standards, we offer our staff dedicated resources and guidance to support them in understanding and applying the standards to their work. 

As part of this:

  • We require all new and current employees to complete an e-learning course on awareness of the Welsh language, our duties under the standards, and how the language can be used in the workplace. This is supplemented by strategic engagement and awareness-raising on notable dates.
  • We provide opportunities during working hours for our employees to receive basic Welsh language lessons, and receive further training, free of charge, as part of our learning and development offer.